Our chemist and lab assistants use the worlds finest equipment to research and formulate each and every product that comes out of our laboratory.

We construct various carbon nanotubes and nanoshells to manipulate a substrate which when applied a chemical reaction forms them into an indestructible structure which cross-links and bonds to whatever it is applied to.

CeramiTech's formulas are totally unique to other ceramic nanotechnology coatings available today. 

It is based on smaller cross-linked barriers giving it better adhesion and with 9H plus hardness while still being flexible at the same time, meaning you get high scratch and scuff resistance but the coating is not brittle but allows for movement in the substrate.

Many coatings of this nature need infrared thermal curing of above 60°C to become active while CeramiTech can be ambient cured giving users the flexibility. If thermal heat is available to the user CeramiTech can be fully cured at the following temperatures:
Ambient - 4 days
60 - 80°C - 2 hours
130 - 180°C - 1 hour 
240°C - several minutes
The above curing times are rarely matched in such a durable high temperature resistant coating. 

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